Treatment Cream

Oxypeel Treatment Cream 100ml

Oxypeel Treatment Cream 100ml


Helps regulate oil/moisture balance of the skin, accelerates healing of basal cells and discourages microbial growth in skin types prone to acne.

Oxypeel Treatment Cream is particularly recommended for sensitive and/or acne prone skin.

Features and benefits
  • Prevents the formation of spots
  • Regulates the oil and moisture balance
  • Heals the basal layer
  • Discourages microbial growth

Key ingredients
  • Natural plant proteins - designed to increase the skin's elasticity and strength
  • Sea kelp - large coarse seaweed used as a skin soother
  • Borage oil - emollient and conditioning agent
  • Nettle - rich in minerals with revitalising properties
  • Comfrey & lavender - antiseptic, anti inflammatory
  • Arnica - stimulant
  • Zinc oxide/ titanium oxide - protection against the suns UV rays
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